Price: He has found his home!
Gender: Male
Coat: Black and White
Eye Color: *See description below*
Adult Estimated Weight: 12-17 lbs

It’s with a sad heart that I share that our sweet Jingle didn’t develop eyes in the womb. He is completely blind and eyeless. 💔 Our vet assured us that it is simply a fluke that happens sometimes during early development and that everything else about him checks out perfectly healthy and normal and he can live a very happy life with the right family! We will be looking for the perfect family for him. A few things we will be looking for are:
* Has another well trained, well behaved dog for him to bond with.
* Owners have time for him, someone who is maybe retired, works from home full time or full time home maker.
*doesn’t have young children, I am sure once he is grown and adjusted to life fully a family adding children to the mix would be fine but initially it is probably best for him to not have young children as I know myself that young kids can be over whelming and unpredictable at times and he won’t be able to see em coming. 🙃😅
Jingle is the smallest of his litter, I don’t have an estimated weight on him yet but I expect that he will be small. He is learning to get around and uses his smell and hearing to track down his mama and siblings. He is oh so sweet