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We 1 guardian home puppy available! —
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Last updated: 11/10/21

Guardian Home Opportunity:

What is a guardian home?

We give you a Pomsky or a Siberian Husky that belongs to us while she is of breeding age. When it’s time to breed her, she will come to us. She will then come to us 1 week prior to her due date and stay with us until the puppies are weaned. We will breed her 4 times and then get her fixed. She then belongs to you.

You must live within an hour of us or agree to bring her to us if you are further. (Not more than 3 hours). You cannot have any intact males. You are responsible for routine vet care. We are looking for a loving family for this gorgeous girl who has great temperaments. We want a family who has the time to devote to proper training and attention to their furry family member. We also ask that you have a safe yard for them. We will be very particular.

~If you are interested please click on the girl’s picture below and you will be taken to her personal page with more information and an application. You can also fill out an application in the Puppy Application link below.~