Frequently Asked Questions

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Not necessarily. It really depends on the weight of the parents and the weight of the puppy in the beginning weeks of its life. We do our absolute best to give you an estimation of the puppy’s adult weight. We use growth charts, the weight of the parents, and continue to give updated estimated weight ranges until you pick up your puppy. I am typically pretty good with my estimates but with Pomsky’s being a hybrid breed with such a large variance of size there is always a chance of there being different growth rates than expected. It can be seen, as you go down the generations from F1 to F3 and the many other variations, that the sizes of the pomskies become smaller. However, again, it really depends on the puppy and its parents. Below is a chart to help you understand the generations: 

No. Pomskies are a mix between a Husky and a Pomeranian (or varying percentages of that), and neither of which are hypoallergenic breeds. That being said, we do have families who have family members with dog allergies and they are able to own a pomsky. That is up to you and how severe you feel your allergies are. Some helpful tips for those with dog allergies are: vacuum up the fur and groom your pomsky regularly.

Yes! In our experience pomskies have been wonderful with kids, especially with our kids. We make sure that the puppies are exposed to our kids early on so that they have that experience. Pomskies are very people and kid friendly. It is also important to raise your puppy in an environment that you’d like them to be comfortable in. They will especially be good with kids, other people, and other dogs if you make sure to socialize them with kids, other people, and dogs at a young age.

Yes. We know of many pomskies that love the water. Many like to wade in shallow water and some even love to swim. Several of the families that own our pomskies have taken their pomskies on boats and to the lake!

Yes. Pomskies are very smart and pick up on what you are trying teach them very quickly. It is also very important to note that it requires a good amount of quality time put into training to be able to meet the obedience goals you desire. Some pups will be more stubborn than others, but they are all trainable. That being said, huskies are known to be great escape artists, so naturally pomskies can be too. Just make sure that you keep your eyes on them and if you take them outside, take them on leash or in a fenced in area.

It depends. This is a hybrid breed so you are destined to have a different mix of traits with each pup. They will be very intelligent like a husky and loyal like a pomeranian. They have a lot of energy and require a good amount of stimulation like a husky. They are also sometimes very great escape artists. They sometimes can be vocal and will have, like most other young puppies, the desire to chew things when they are young. However, most of all, they are loving, cuddly, and a perfect companion.

Yes. Pomskies shed year-round and blow their coat about two times a year with the changing of the seasons. Sometimes if they have more Pomeranian in them, then they will shed a bit less, however, they will still shed. Blowing their coat is when their hair comes out in tufts and it is very normal. While shedding can seem daunting, it is very manageable. If you keep up on grooming, you can keep the shedding down. Here is a link to our post on how to groom your pomsky:

We are a Pomsky Breeder in Missouri. Specifically, we are located in the Springfield, Missouri area. Even though we are located in Missouri, we still offer a variety of ways you can get your puppy. For those of you who live too far to drive or if you cannot fly/drive to come get your puppy, we have a flight nanny service that will fly your puppy to you!

No. Their noses will fill in all black, it just takes time. If the puppy has black spots on the nose and both parents have black noses, then the puppy’s nose will be completely black. Sometimes puppies have brown noses or striped noses, and that can be seen if the parents have a brown or striped nose. Their noses will not stay pink.

In short, no. Sometimes, especially with wooly pomskies, it can seem like all of that fur would be too hot for them. So, some people tend to get their pomsky’s coat trimmed or shaved down. This is actually not ideal for the pomsky as they need their hair for temperature regulation. If anything, a sanitary trim around the bottom area is okay. Make sure to never shave your pomsky. Also, the Furminator brush that can be used to remove the undercoat tends to cut the guard hairs and also causes trouble with temperature regulation. The brushes we recommend are listed here: Puppy Shopping List