Our Story

My husband (Caleb) and myself (BreAnna) started Patriot Pomskies with our first Husky puppy back in 2013, we had our first litter of Pomskies in 2015! We are a Pomsky Breeder in Missouri. We keep our breeding program small so that all of our pups get proper care and space. We stick to a strict code of ethics that we aren’t willing to compromise. Now a little more about our family…

Caleb and I have been blissfully married for 10 years. He works for an annuity and insurance broker and I have the pleasure of staying home with our three babies, Valor (5 years), Vivian (4 years), and Helena (8 months), and all our fur babies as well! I am also the primary “business” operator of Patriot Pomskies. We are so honored by all the wonderful families who have chosen one of our puppies to be a part of their family! And for all of those hoping to do so in the future! Thank you for your continued love and support!