We recently got our little girl pomski from these guys and they were wonderful to work with and speak to. It was like talking to family. Love them so much and we love our girl too!

Michele Roy
Patriot Pomskies is an amazing breeder five star all the way! We bought our Pomsky from them and he was delivered by Flight Nanny last Sunday with no issues! Teddie now Maverick named after his Dad is sweet loving intelligent and the perfect dog for us! I was so impressed how responsive BreAnna was to our questions and what an outstanding job they do taking care of their pups!
I would recommend Patriot Pomskies highly and after a years worth of research on this breed so thrilled we found our pup at Patriot!
Theresa Beasley

I can’t imagine many people caring for their dogs and pups as much as these guys do. So much love, attention, and sacrifice is given and made in this venture. Owners are hand picked to ensure the puppies will receive good homes. They follow strict guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of all their animals. The prices are fair for the quality and assurances you get when you buy from Patriot Pomskies. If you’re in the market for a Pomskie, look no further than Patriot Pomskies!!

Aaron J. Spurlock

We follow so many Pomsky breeders it is hard to even list. We LOVE Patriot Pomskies for the care and affection they have for their precious babies is truly evident! We have been blessed with the most perfect Pomsky thanks to them. Our Stormee is so beautiful, smart, and amazing! We highly recommend them, actually they are the only ones we would recommend. Any future pomsky we may have some day would be from them <3 <3 <3

Stephanee Gilbertson

Highly recommend Patriot Pomskies and their puppies. We got our pomsky a little over a year ago and the process couldn’t have been easier.


D.j. Ernberger

Patriot Pomskies delivered an exceptional little boy into our lives! I was leery getting him after only seeing video and pictures, purchasing online and being delivered by flight nanny. BreeAnna was very informative, respectable and efficient! The process could not have been easier. We decided on our Stark Wednesday and received him by flight on Sunday morning. The second we met our babe he was kissing and cuddling. He has a very intelligent, playful, sweet personality, he’s perfection wrapped into a little soft fluff ball. I would recommend Patriot Pomsky to anyone looking to fill their life with fun, joy and love. Patriot Pomsky is the best and I researched 3 months looking for our new addition! Very very happy! ☺️

Stephanie Al-Mushaikeh

After numerous phone calls, texts and emails getting to know BreAnna and Patriot Pomskies, and she my husband and I, it was clear that she was completely in love with her girls and their babies. She wanted to ensure that the love and care she and her husband provided the pups with continued in their forever homes. We met our little girl Rory on November 1, 2015, and could see that the Smith’s truly loved her and wanted the best for her. During this past year, I’ve followed and posted on the Patriot Pomskies Owner’s page on Facebook … it’s clear to see how well the pups are being taken care of, in amazingly loving homes. This is because BreAnna took the time to find the right homes for them. She continues to stay engaged, following their growth and care, and shares how their Mamas are doing on the FB page as well. Our vet and anyone who meets her falls in love with Rory, and she is blessed with a great temperament, is very well developed and healthy. She plays beautifully with other dogs –especially loves her sister, our senior girl– and is great with kids…she loves our 17-year old cat, too. My husband and I are truly, completely in love with her and feel blessed to have found Patriot Pomskies. Best of luck to you with your new little one.

Lisa Lampiasi-Weber

My husband and I got a sweet, precious pomsky from patriot pomskies first litter and we have never been happier. We had a very good experience working with patriot pomskies, they were always very helpful and very quick to reply. The puppies were all well taken care of and fed and kept safely in their home until we were able to come and hand pick ours up in person. We also had a lot of specific questions on caring for our new puppy and they were quick and willing to answer all of them. You can tell they really care about their puppies and are careful with who they choose to take them home. Also, our pomsky has been the best part of our lives so far- perfect markings, adorable personality, gorgeous blue eyes and the sweetest little baby I have ever had the pleasure of having. I honestly believe the puppies from patriot pomskies are the cream of the crop and whoever gets to have one will consider themselves extremely lucky- we definitely do! We have had two pomskies from Patriot Pomskies and highly recommend as both our pomskies turned out amazing!

Tarina Desai