Why Choose Patriot Pomskies?

Hello! Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Caleb & BreAnna, and we’ve been happily married for eight years and have two ‘littles’. Our son Valor is three, and our daughter Vivian is two. Caleb works in the insurance industry, and I stay home with our kiddos and pups! As you can imagine, with two toddlers and all our pups, life is constantly hectic! We live just outside a small town on 5 wide open acres. We’re also blessed that my parents live next door and can help!

You may be asking yourself, why Patriot Pomskies? We launched Patriot Pomskies in 2013 with the goal of creating the perfect pomsky puppies. Our first litters were born in 2015 and it’s been a wild adventure ever since!

We work really hard and take great pride in our breeding program. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars and are extremely picky about the dogs we choose. Our male and females are all attractive and healthy, and quality genetics have ALWAYS been our top priority.  

Our goal is perfection, and we breed specifically for ideal markings, coat, blue eyes, size and body/head shape. Our vet and dog food bills are astronomical! We also invested tens of thousands to build a custom puppy nursery for our moms & puppies. We could go on and on about the expense and investment involved with being a reputable & quality breeder.

We take great pride in being a quality breeder and creating perfect puppies for your family. But….quality costs money. If our puppies sold for less we couldn’t afford to offer these quality puppies to families.

The question shouldn’t be “why do Patriot Pomskies’ puppies cost more?”  Instead, ask yourself “WHY are the other breeders so cheap!?”

We would love to welcome your family into the Patriot Pomsky family. See our Promise and Policies page for more information!

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